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2024 Calendar - List of Events

These events are what we have in the works so far for PPLAC in 2024. Stay tuned because we will add many more!


General Meetings and DPC's (Digital Photographic Competitions)

January 18 - Open House, Speaker: Mark Comon of Paul's Photo
February 22 -
DPC #1 (All DPC's are Zoom meetings)
March 28 -
General Meeting featuring Elizabeth Toller - 
The Power of the Personal Project"
April 25 -
General Meeting featuring TBA - "TBA"
May 23 
- DPC #2 (All DPC's are Zoom meetings)
June 27 -
General Meeting featuring TBA - "
July 25 -
General Meeting featuring TBA - "TBA"
August 22 -
DPC #3 (All DPC's are Zoom meetings)
September 26 -
General Meeting featuring TBA - "TBA"
October 24 - General Meeting featuring TBA
 - "TBA"
November 21 -
DPC #4 (All DPC's are Zoom meetings)
December - Happy Holidays! No Meeting!

PPLAC Outings

January 28 - LA Zoo, Los Angeles CA
February 17 - Golden Dragon Parade, Los Angeles CA
February 25
- Dickensfest, Riverside CA
March 16 - Descanso Gardens, La Canada CA
April 6 - Renfaire, Irwindale CA
May - TBA
June - TBA
July - TBA
August - TBA

September - TBA
October - TBA
November - TBA

December - TBA

PPLAC Special Events


PPLAC Adventures

May 13-16 Sequoia/Kings Canyon Adventure

Notes on the Above:

The General Meetings and DPC's are set. The details will be published about a month ahead.

The PPLAC Outings will also publish final details about a month ahead. Part of every PPLAC Outing is a low-key and fun Zoom meeting review of the attendee's images held a couple of weeks after the events.

For Special Events like one day PPLAC Workshops, we will publish the information well ahead of the event.

Because the logistics involved with multi day PPLAC Adventures where travel planning is part of the event, the details will also be made available well in advance. These events will also include a pre-trip orientation Zoom meeting and a post-trip review of images taken on the Safari. There also could be a workshop component included in the itinerary.

Note that for PPLAC Workshops and PPLAC Adventures, advanced information will be announced on our "Events to Plan For!" page under the calendar tab above.

All announcements will appear on this website, in PPLAC email Blasts, the monthly PPLAC Newsletter and on PPLAC Social Media (Facebook and Meetup).

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us either individually or simply use the "Contact Us" tab above.

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