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Events You Will Want To Plan For!

2022 Safari Death Valley 1.jpg

Some of our events require advance planning! This is where you will find information on these events. Whether they are Multi-Day PPLAC Adventures, Workshops or Single-Day PPLAC Outings that will fill up if we wait too long, you will want to plan for these well in advance!

1. PPLAC Annual Open House! Pencil us in! Next year our in-person celebration of all things PPLAC is a week earlier than usual, on the 3rd Thursday of the month, January 18th.

This Open House is all about Casino Night! Maybe Lady Luck will smile on you when we announce our DPC awards of the year!

Please note that we are at a different venue for this event! 


2. We are discussing more multi-day PPLAC Adventures for 2024! Watch this space for more information!

Remember that you will need to plan ahead for these events!

For more details, please scroll down below for the announcements as they become available!

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