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Events You Will Want To Plan For!

2022 Safari Death Valley 1.jpg

Some of our events require advance planning! This is where you will find information on these events. Whether they are Multi-Day PPLAC Adventures, Workshops or Single-Day PPLAC Outings that will fill up if we wait too long, you will want to plan for these well in advance!

1. Our first multi-day PPLAC Adventure of 2024 sold out and was a huge success!


2. Announcing our 2nd PPLAC Adventure for 2024! We'll be staying cool and near the ocean on the beautiful Monterey Bay! The Adventure fee is $70 (for PPLAC Members), $80 (for non-members) and for that you get 4 days of touring, guidance, workshop and a lot of photographic fun! Contact PPLAC 1st VP Liz Chalmers to secure your spot and to answer any questions.

Note: It is important that you make your plans as soon as possible before the lodging fills up!

For more details, please scroll down below for the announcements!

2024 Monterey Announcement 2.jpg
2024 Sequoia Kings Canyon Final 1 Sold Out.jpg
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