2021 Officers

PPLAC is made up of volunteers. Our Board of Directors is voted into office by the membership each year with the one exception being the President who serves a two year term. The Directors, Chairs and Event Photographer are appointed by the Board. If you are interested in contributing, please do not hesitate to contact any of the officers listed below or use the "Contact Us" tab above!

Eleanor Gray: President

John Powers: 1st Vice President (Activities and Speakers)

Roy Patience: 2nd Vice President (Membership)

Teresa Pepe: Secretary

Nikki Washburn: Treasurer

Gary Parsons: DPC (Digital Photographic Competition) Director

Mel Carll: Sponsor Management Chair

Ira Mintz: Fundraiser Director

Teresa Pepe: Newsletter and Blast Editor

Angela Chen: Event Photographer

John Grusd: Webmaster