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Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are some of our favorite people! We get the word out about their products or services and they in turn give us discounts, merchandise or monetary support. Take a look at the good folks who are helping to support PPLAC and support them! Links to their businesses are below:


Things happen! You have a lot of expensive gear. Howard Burkholz at Allstate Insurance specializes in coverages for photographers. Many of us are protected through Howard.


Think Tank is a premium manufacturer of camera bags, backpacks and accessories. "The choice of working professionals" 


Custom Printing. Prolab is local in the Los Angeles area and is used by many PPLAC members.

StudioMagic Logo.jpg

Compositing plug-in software for creative photographers. It's like having a full studio inside of Photoshop!


Photography and artistic tools for both the professional user and hobbyist providing users with a digital high-end result that is equal to traditional darkroom and art studio methods.

DxO Simply Better Images Logo.jpg

DxO is one of the most innovative companies in the digital photography and image processing industry. It designs and sells advanced photo editing software for amateur and expert photographers and its solutions are grounded in its extensive knowledge of optical science, offering highly effective correction and processing tools. Includes the Nik Collection! Use promo code, pplac20dxo, for a 20% discount through December 31, 2022!

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