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PPLAC - PPLAC is the local affiliate of both PPC (Professional Photographers of California) and PPA (Professional Photographers of America) That means we are the group that you associate with the most and meet at least on a monthly basis. We hold meetings, workshops, outings, safaris and photo competitions throughout the year.

PPC - Our parent state affiliate is PPC. They too conduct similar experiences, but held statewide. While we at PPLAC get the best of our local area, PPC can tap the best across the state. For instance, in PPLAC photo competitions we compete against the best photographers in our group. At the PPC competition we are competing against the best photographers in all of the local state affiliates. Competing with the best in the state definitely "ups" your photographic game!

PPC is also the organization that conducts West Coast School, one of the premium photography based learning experiences around! It is an intensive week-long school that is held every June. You pick the subject and you spend a dedicated week learning skills with one fantastic professional photographer as your instructor. Talk about upping your photographic game! That week at West Coast School will make a huge difference in your photographic skills and knowledge!

PPA - PPA is our national parent organization. This is where we compete and associate not only with the best in the country but worldwide. They also conduct a host of learning experiences and photographic competitions. Their huge yearly national conference, "Imaging" is the photography convention in the US. PPA is where you will meet and compete with the best photographers in the world!

You don't have to belong to PPC or PPA to be a member of PPLAC but if you are serious about your photography or about becoming a professional, we heartily recommend joining those organizations. If you want more information or a direct link to join PPC and/or PPA, please click on the links below.

For info about PPC, click here - 


To become a PPC member, click here - 


For info about West Coast School, click here - 

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For info about PPA, click here - 

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To become a PPA member, click here - 

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