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What's Next! - Coming Soon!

February! - It seems we were wishing you Happy New Year just a month ago and here we are already in the second month of 2024 and things are happening at PPLAC! This month we hold our first of 4 Digital Photographic Competitions (DPC) of the year! We also head out to the Inland Empire for our 2nd PPLAC Outing of the year! We have a lot going on!

1. Get your images ready! Our first Digital Photographic Competition of 2024 takes place on February 22nd at 6pm! Submission dates are from February 5th to the 11th. As usual, the competition will be held as a Zoom meeting. Tune in, get valuable feedback on your images and watch the fun! Click HERE for the link to join the DPC Zoom meeting!

Note that there are some DPC rule changes for 2024! Always re-read the rules at the beginning of the year before you submit your images! If you have questions or need clarification, feel free to contact our DPC Director, Gary Parsons, or anyone on the PPLAC Board.

As always, the submissions are downloaded through For all of the details, including the rules, click through the pages under the "Photo Competition" tab above.

2. Our PPLAC Outing on February 25th will transport us to the always interesting and unique, "Dickenfest" where we will photograph Victorian era costumed reenactors. We will, of course, include a group lunch together to wrap up the experience. And a week or two later we will all get together via a Zoom meeting to share some of our images from the Outing!

For more details on these February PPLAC events, please scroll down below:

Our General Meetings are in-person! We will announce the location for each in-person meeting in the announcement on this page.

Our DPC's will continue to be held as Zoom meetings.

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PPLAC Outing Dickensfest 2024 02 25.jpg
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