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Standing Rules Changes 2024

At the beginning of very year, the PPLAC Board of Directors reviews the organization's Standing Rules and revises them if necessary to keep them current with our procedures and practices. We try to make it easy for our Membership to review the changes by publishing them here on the PPLAC website.

The revisions are in a Word document that can be downloaded by clicking HERE. To make them easier for you to find, the changes are highlighted in YELLOW.

This year, many of the changes are simply modified terminology or organization. A few changes are DPC practices that we have followed since employing but had never made the minor adjustments in the text of the Standing Rules to conform with the new practices. None of these will affect the way PPLAC has been conducting its procedures, nor will they affect PPLAC members. These changes are strictly administrative and for accuracy.

There are, however, some new rules that affect the PPLAC year-end DPC awards and image eligibility. We recommend that you read and understand them.

1. The first substantive change is in the way we select the PPLAC Photographer of the Year. In past years, a single anomalous high-scoring DPC could determine the winner. The new rules take into account the photographer's performance throughout the year and will spread the determining scores across several DPC's.

2. The second substantive change is the addition of a brand-new year-end award, the PPLAC Photograph of the Year!

3. There are also clarifications about DPC image eligibility with regards to subject matter and images previously entered into other PPA affiliated competitions.

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