PPLAC Classifieds

Please note that this page is under construction. Some of the wording and details may change and there is some information that is still to be determined. None of the links are active. This is basically so you can get a good idea about what is coming. Stay tuned. It will be ready soon!


Do you have used photography gear you would like to sell? PPLAC provides these classified listings as a service to PPLAC members in good standing. Anyone can purchase but you need to be a member to sell.

This your chance to make a little cash for yourself and give a little back to PPLAC as well! 

PPLAC requests that 10% - 30% of the purchase price be donated to PPLAC. This is completely up to the discretion of the seller and you can always donate more. It can be done via credit card by contacting our treasurer, ????????? or by sending a check to PPLAC, 10736 Jefferson Blvd, P.O. Box 859, Culver City, CA 90230.

The transaction is between the seller and the buyer. PPLAC is not responsible for the accuracy of the information in the listings.


1. Download the Word Document Seller's Form and fill it out. For the Document, click this icon.

2. Save the document for your files and email the completed form to our Classifieds Chairperson at ????????.

3. The deadline is ????????? for the following month.

4. The ad will run for one month only. If you want the ad to continue for another month, simply contact the Classifieds Chairperson by the due date. There is no need to fill out another form for the same ad.

5. Upon final sale, send your donation to PPLAC as described above.

6. The complete month's listings will be shown here on this page (below) and be available as a downloadable PDF by clicking on this icon.

7. Good luck with your sale!

PPLAC Classifieds for May 2022: