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This is place where you can join PPLAC or renew your membership!

Remember if you are joining as a New Member, you need to fill out the Membership Application and make sure we receive it by mailing it, emailing it or giving it to us at our General Meetings. The Details are on the Membership Application page under the Membership tab above.

On this page you will also be able to pay for any PPLAC activities that require a fee EXCEPT our DPC (Digital Photo Competition) where the payments are made through

For payments on this website, we accept only Visa or Mastercard.

Simply click on the appropriate button below to begin your transaction.


Membership Level - Premium

Membership Level - General

Membership Level - Aspiring

Membership Level - Student

Membership Level - Sponsor

PPLAC Awards Dinner

PPLAC Workshop

PPLAC Workshop

PPLAC Safari

PPLAC Safari

PPLAC Safari

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